Lori’s Story

Lori Price, a former teacher, mother, and wife, struggled with a full-blown eating disorder since her college days as a swimmer.  She struggled with bulimia, including bulimic exercising.  According to Lori, her life was “pretty much a wreck,” before she sought out treatment.

Vacations with her family were plagued with anxiety around food and her daily schedule revolved around 3-4 hour training sessions in the Arizona heat for triathlons.

In 2009, Lori decided she had been traveling on the eating disorder’s unpredictable, rocky road for too long.  She was ready to jump off and make a commitment to recovery.

Following intense inpatient at Remuda Ranch and outpatient treatment at A New Beginning, with two children in middle school and one in high school, Lori has regained more than freedom from self-destruction.  She’s gained the chance to fully live and engage with her family and friends.

Her new outlook on life didn’t come easy, though.

When Lori made the decision to abolish the one thing she put before everyone and everything in her life, she made a decision to learn how to live her life again.

“Going into treatment, I couldn’t tell you who I was.  I was whoever you wanted me to be,” Lori said.

“Now,” she explains, “I am learning who I really am, and who I’m not.”

She believes the faith and courage it takes to fight an eating disorder is one of the biggest tests of strength and self-love—both of which she proudly portrays every day.

“I’ve always had a heart for others,” said Lori.  “Now I’m learning to have one for myself.”


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