Maggie’s Story

Maggie Pingolt, a senior Journalism student at Arizona State University, has been in recovery for four years.  Her struggle with anorexia and bulimic exercise began at the end of middle school and lasted until her junior year of high school.

Maggie’s life was ruled by the measurement of perfection, with a laundry list of accolades to back it up.  Behind the façade, she always worried about what went in her mouth and her daily exercise dictated what she was lucky enough to eat that day.

In 2007 Maggie was admitted to the ICU at Phoenix Children’s hospital, followed by intensive inpatient at Remuda Ranch.

Her treatment at the ranch started the road to recovery and the acceptance of an imperfect lifestyle—she was no longer required to worry.

“I was so exhausted by the time I got there, recovery seemed like vacation,” explained Maggie. “I had let my eating disorder rule my life with such power that I didn’t really know how to live a normal life.”

Four years later, Maggie’s struggle is light years away.

“I couldn’t be as low and dark now, as I was then, even if I tried,” Maggie said. “I don’t think I even cared if I lived—but I sure do care now!”

Maggie made a promise to herself and to God, to not go down that path again.

“I’m not meant to be on this earth to look inward with judgment, but to look outward with hope,” Maggie said, with a smile.


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